The Right Brain Project

Intimate Moments. Epic theatre.


About The Right Brain Project

The Right Brain Project was the brain-child of Anthony Ingram, Nathan Robbel, Colby Sellers, and Anthony Tournis - all alumni of Western Illinois University, and all equally passionate about bringing intimate stories to life on the Chicago stage.

Although forming in 2001, the RBP officially became an incorporated organization in 2005, premiering a production of Boris Vian'sThe Empire Builders at the Bailiwick loft space in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago and gaining non-for-profit status shortly thereafter. Since then, the RBP has been producing theatre primarily in Chicago, as well as number of projects in other regional venues.

In 2009, the Right Brain Project acquired a home at 4001 N. Ravenswood: The RBP Rorschach, which housed the company's production of Fernando Arrabal's And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers. This would mark a turning point for the company in terms of the type of theatrical aesthetic it would pursue into the future.

In the past nine years, the RBP has evolved and found a concentration on intimate theatre that strives to bring the actor and the audience together in unique fashions. Whether that be through unexpected and intimate staging, clever design, or simply telling stories that unearth the rawest of emotions for audiences, the RBP strives to present daring work that leaves its patrons moved, shaken, and elated. In the modern age of movie-blockbuster overkill and technological isolation, the "typical theatre experience" can no longer satisfy; The Right Brain Project constantly seeks out that extra something to bring the audience closer to the story and closer to the actor. We've come to call our aesthetic EPIC MINIMALISM, and we hope you dig it as much as we do.

"We will defy preconceived notions and challenge the contemporary theatre experience. The RBP will actively employ the  raw and  intimate relationship between actor and audience to share stories, ideas, and issues that edify us all."