The Right Brain Project

Intimate Moments. Epic theatre.


Joseph Ramski is the RBP's Managing Director, graphic designer, and part of the company's Acting Ensemble. A proud  graduate of The University of Illinois with a BFA in Theatre and English, he first became involved with the company after being cast in the Chicago Reader Best of 2012 production of Marat/Sade. Since then, he has appeared in Titus Andronicus (Bassianus), The Bacchae Revisited (The Stranger), Hammer (Blindness), and The Illusion (Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes), and he has been involved in every production since 2013 in some capacity. Joseph also acts with other companies when he can, and has worked with the likes of Chicago Slamworks, Oracle Theatre, Organic Theatre Company, The Arc Theatre, Collaboraction, The Ruckus, Rough Company, The Runaways, and MOZAWA, among some others. 

When not doing theatre, Joseph also writes, photographs stuff, and travels to far-off countries (sometimes all at once). He has self-published two books of poems and short stories, nightdreams and daymares and VS//URBAN_VERSES, and is completing a novel called Better Angels. He is also the author of The Dancing Plague, which the Right Brain Project will mount October 2016.