The Right Brain Project

Intimate Moments. Epic theatre.


Stacie Hauenstein has been living and working in Chicago since August of 2006, when she moved there to do a two-year acting conservatory. Her first non-school-related production after conservatory was And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers with the Right Brain Project. To date, it is one of her favorite shows she has ever worked on. Other shows with the RBP include Put My Finger In Your Mouth, Halfshut, and Marat/Sade. She has also acted with companies such as The Nine, The State, Redmoon, Strangeloop, Point of Contention, Commedia Beauregard, and Theatre-Hikes. She graduated with her bachelor's degree in theatre from the University of Madison, WI in 2006. She is currently finishing up her science and math prerequisites to apply for a physical therapy doctorate program.