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Euripides' The Bacchae: A 2,400 year old tragedy concerning wild, inebriated women who tear a herd of cattle apart with their bare hands while a demigod persuades a king to dress in women's clothing...

And an opportunity to gather a crew of 24 enthusiastic actors and artists to explore themes of beauty, power, gender roles, enforced morality, primal instinct, and spiritual rebirth - while taking a deeply personal journey to places both joyful and dangerous.

In 2013, the RBP once again gathered a large cast in their intimate warehouse loft to push the boundaries of what a large ensemble is capable of  in a small space. This time, revisiting Euripides' script to pick it apart, tear it up, and reinvent it for ourselves.

Some words from director Nathan Robbel...

"I finally got around to reading Euripides' The Bacchae last summer. The following day, I stumbled across a New York Times article entitled What's So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? by Ruth Padawer. Suddenly, the refusal and subsequent fascination of Pentheus to don women's clothing took on a whole new demension and the gender politics of the script seemed fascinating and pertinent. And while Euripides' script presented more than a few challenges, the opportunity to bring this Greek tragedy to life in the RBP space was too good to pass up.

Not only is this a great opportunity to do something the company has never done before (namely Greek tragedy - and one that is especially timely in our social and political climate), this is a wonderful chance to expand on the ensemble work that was explored in 2012's Marat/Sade. But this time, we're taking it to an extreme level. Every actor has a say in the the crafting of this production, and thus has complete ownership over nearly every element.

I'm humbled by this amazingly talented and enthusiastic team taking the bull by the horns and turning Euripides' tragedy into something uniquely our own. As rehearsals continue, it's being infused with our own sensibilities, our own sense of aesthetics, and our own hopes and desires as we craft the story of Dionysus, Pentheus, and the Maenads around our own experiences of gender politics, sexuality, and ceremony.

We hope you'll join us in the Bacchanalia."

The Right Brain Project's 2013 production The Bacchae Revisited opened at the RBP Rorschach on March 21, and ran through April 20 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Nathan Robbel

Assistant Director:  Jamie Bragg

Stage Manager:  Krista Reeves

Production Manager:  Stephen Gawrit

Set Design:  Brittany Meyer

Light Design:  Michael C. Smith 

Violence Director:  Orion Couling

Publicity Card Design:  Joseph Ramski

Featuring:  Caitlin Aase, Adam Betz, Allison Carvalho, Anya Clingman, Cary Davenport, Liz Goodson, Colin Jackson, A.J. Miller, John Mobley, Corina Morris, Alex Potanos, Joseph Ramski, Anna Robinson, Jennifer Roehm, Stephanie Shum, Carolyn Sinon, Sarah Thompson, Teagan Walsh-Davis, and Tiffany Williams

Publicity photos and graphic design by Joseph Ramski.

Production photos by Tom McGrath.