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"Few playwrights are as willing to weave issues of faith and religion into their work as Colburn, and I like the way he treats it not as a singular subject matter but as something that informs the way we view ourselves and the world around us. There is a deeply comforting and womblike quality to Robbel's staging that is part and parcel of Right Brain's aesthetic - the company is enthusiastic about creating an inclusive, communal sensibility for an audience, but there's a real campfire intimacy here that I find irresistible. The tiny white lights strung overhead might as well be stars in the night"
Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

Right on the heels of the critically-acclaimed productions of Pretty Penny and Hesperia, the RBP concluded our intimate meditation on the intersection between spirituality and sexuality with Halfshut, the last play in our season-long collaboration with local playwright Randall Colburn. Halfshut was a raucous, yet intimate portrait of late-twenties nostalgia, featuring an ensemble both fresh and familiar as they dance on the edge of revelation. Seven friends and strangers - perpetually single, perpetually secular, perpetually longing - collide, connect, and collapse through a series of rituals: religious, romantic, and secular. Alternating between the loose ramblings of a drunken night, the hushed pillow talk of a new romance, and the melancholic sighs of an endless argument, each pairing finds them inching closer to the meaning they've been searching for and faced with the decision to settle or sabotage. Online romances and intoxicated declarations intertwine with pagan storytelling rituals and baptisms in this new play that explores the fine line between youth and adulthood and the wall of nostalgia that separates them.

Halfshut marked the conclusion of the trio of Colburn pieces that the RBP presented in 2010, all exploring   themes of identity, sexuality, and redemption.

The Right Brain Project's 2010 world premiere production of Randall Colburn's Halfshut opened at the RBP Rorschach on November 4 and ran through December 4 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Nathan Robbel

Stage Manager:  Michelle Carlene Roth

Lighting Design:  Michael C. Smith

Dramaturg:   Anya Clingman

Publicity Card Design:  Tom McGrath

Featuring:  Dave Boren, Jamie Bragg, McKenzie Gerber, Stacie Hauenstein, Nick Mikula, Susan Myburgh, and Zev Valancy