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Annabella De Meo


Annabella moved from New York in 2017 where she received her BA in theatre from The New School. She is thrilled to be a part of this production and honored to work with such a dynamic team! Chicago credits include: Bicycle Thieves (Littlebrain Theatre, Dir. Zach Barr) and Bettering an Already Better You (Theatre Evolve, Dir. Becca Holloway). Many thanks to Becca for this unique opportunity! Eternally grateful for the love and support of her mom, Lauren and her sister, Miranda. She would like to dedicate her performance to her late father, Paul James De Meo. 

tell us more about deirdre

"In what way(s) do you feel connected to the character you play?"

I connect to Deirdre in so many ways, in both circumstance and personality/characteristics. I am also the youngest of two daughters and unfortunately, we lost our father last February. I can relate to Deirdre's grief, confusion and struggle to cope with not only her emotionally stability, but that of her sister and mother. My father was the peace-keeper of the family. He was a level-headed, patient man in a house of three very emotional and strong-willed women. The family dynamic is now different and constantly shifting since he passed, like that of Deirdre, Maeve and Grainne. In the play, Grainne quotes the Irish tale: "Their father now dead, he could no longer protect them from precarious storms and the endless struggle to survive. Often they were separated and alone." When I heard Sylvie speak that line for the first time, it truly struck a chord. These three women are strong, but without Paddy, they get lost in the "storms" of grief, anger, abandonment and heartache. So much so, that in this shared grief, they have isolated themselves from each other. It is easier for them to stay separated than it is to fully confront how their family functions without Paddy. However, Deirdre and Maeve still maintain their closeness through it all. They have a true bond with one another, much like me and my sister. Doing this show makes me thankful for the honesty and open communication my sister, my mother and I share. Three swans in the precarious storm.