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Sylvie Sadarnac


Sylvie  couldn't ask for a better group of humans with whom to return to live theater. Sylvie plays Detective Lucie Prüm-Waltzing on Steven Conrad's Amazon series Patriot, and is slated to complete filming on Daniel Nearing's Sister Carrie in late spring. Special thanks to Robyn Coffin for being the most fun and supportive acting coach, and Pat Henderson for casting me in the most un-Sylvie like roles she can find. 

tell us more about grainne

“In what way(s) do you feel connected to the character you play?”

Grainne has experienced the worst sort of marital betrayal and will never be whole again. She found refuge in her work and walled herself up emotionally. But in the process, she lost the ability to communicate with her daughters in a healthy way. While she knows it and tries to mend fences with this trip to Ireland, Grainne has doomed herself to a life of pain. I feel for her, deeply.

“Is there a particular moment in the play that resonates with you the most?”

One moment that resonates with me in the play comes in Grainne's last monologue, as she is struggling with letting go of being trapped by her late husband. "We were friends before we were lovers," she says, "why couldn't you tell me? Why?" Her wretchedness at that moment just gets me.