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"The cast, under the direction of Nathan Robbel, manages to uncover the torment hidden beneath the short language, even while evoking laughter..."

"The cast (compromised of Erin Elizabeth Orr, Emma Peterson, Bries Vannon, and Greg Wenz) is animated and earnest, finding the anguish and humor in each speech... Robbel makes playful, decisively physical use of the Right Brain Project's tiny Ravenswood theater... Good theatre doesn't require much to be compelling. My Filthy Hunt is an argument for how."
Chicago Theater Blog

"In Nathan Robbel's dynamic staging, the most unconventional thing about My Filthy Hunt is its refusal to indulge in postmodern irony. It surprises with sincerity."
Chicago Reader

The critically acclaimed play at 2007's Edinburgh Festival hit America square in the jaw at the RBP! This raucous, wild, and sometimes heart-achingly tender show spits in the face of theatrical convention. We kicked off 2011 with an exciting collaboration between Chicago fringe and UK fringe company Horizon Arts. In My Filthy Hunt, we meet four souls who have been touched by Marvin; they once were lost, but now they're found. And make no mistake - their new-found confidence will take the world by storm. But where does that strength really come from? Is it so fleeting that Marvin's absence could turn them into something so ugly? If it's all going to hell, maybe it was better that they never met Marvin in the first place. How does one move on from a void like this? Donuts would help...

My Filthy Hunt was produced at the RBP Rorschach, as well as in Australia at the same time To learn more about Horizon Arts and Richard Jordan Productions, please check them out at 

The Right Brain Project's 2011 U.S. premiere production of Philip Stoke's My Filthy Hunt opened at the RBP Rorschach on February 17 and ran through March 19 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Nathan Robbel

Assistant Director:  Jesus Contreras

Stage Manager:  Michelle Carlene Roth

Lighting Desing:  Michael C. Smith

Costume Desing:  David Mitchell

Publicity Card Design:  Tom McGrath

Featuring:  Erin Elizabeth Orr, Emma Peterson, Bries Vannon, and Greg Wenz 

Publicity Images for My Filthy Hunt. Photography and Graphic Design by Tom McGrath.  

Production photos for My Filthy Hunt by Tom McGrath.  

Trailer for My Filthy Hunt. Video by Stephen Gawrit.