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On October 23, 1948, Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó debuted in Havana, Cuba. A re-imagining of Sophocles' famous Greek tragedy, the show served as a harsh criticism of the Cuban political climate, and called into question the agency of race, gender and class. Inadvertently, the playwright predicted the necessity of a Revolution that would follow in the next decade. While the show has been hailed a modern classic in its native country, a US production has never been produced...until now.

A king with more hubris than know-how. A working class fed up with the status quo. A woman destined to take back the kingdom. With ramifications that trail our modern American political landscape, The Right Brain Project is proud to announce the national premiere of Virgilio Piñera’s Electra Garrigó, directed by Company Member, Kathi Kaity.
The Revolution Begins March 2017. Click the poster for more info!