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The Right Brain Project Announces Auditions For (NON)FICTION

WRITTEN BY Jillian Leff
DIRECTED BY RBP Artistic Director, Kathi Kaity


Stephanie and Mike are a couple who think they have it figured out. He's an accountant moving up in his firm, and she is an aspiring writer who has recently quit her day job to pursue writing full time. Mike wants to help with her novel in any and every way he can. But Stephanie won't let him read a single page of her rough draft- she wants to keep it a surprise. After a year of writing, submitting, edits and dealing with her new agent, Dan, the book is finally ready to be published. Mike excitedly reads it only to find out it's about his childhood growing up and eventually escaping from a cult. As the buzz for Stephanie's book grows, so does the danger of Mike's past finally coming back for him. 

(Non)Fiction examines the line between fact and fiction. When does an artist have a right to a story? And ultimately, who does the story belong to- the person who told it or the person who lived it?

Audition Date & Location

Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 18th from 1:30pm-5:30pm at The Performing Arts Studio, Lincoln Square (630 W Webster, Chicago, IL 60614). Callbacks will be Sunday, May 19th from 4-8pm, also at The Performing Arts Studio (and yes - if you are watching Game of Thrones that evening, we will make accommodations).

Time Commitment

Rehearsals begin June 2019, performances run August 22nd - September 14th, with a possible week extension (September 21st).

Material to Prepare

Please prepare a one-minute performance of your choosing (monologue, poem, dance - creativity is encouraged).   

To request an audition appointment, please send your headshot and resume to

Available Roles

Stephanie: (Female Identifying; late 20s, early 30s) A short story writer who is trying to break into the novel writing game. She's quick with words, but sometimes doesn't think about the effect on those words on others. 

Emma (U/S): (Female Identifying; Late 20s/early 30s) Mike's cousin who is a few years older. Tries to see the best in everyone, but is not the person to piss off. 

Dan/J: (Male identifying; open to various ages) Split role of: 1) Stephanie's literary agent; he thinks he's kind of a big deal. Which is kind of unfortunate because he is, in fact, kind of a big deal. Probably thinks he's a feminist and; 2) Regional talk show host who wishes they were Oprah.