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About the Playwright

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Michaela Heidemann is a writer and illustrator living in Chicago. Her interests include natural history, saints relics, European medieval history, being a plant daddy, and neon colors. She is currently working on a (mostly ridiculous) illustrated non-fiction book about the genesis of her fears and subsequent obsession with them. She is an MFA candidate in creative writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

What inspired yOU to write this play?

Being afraid of the dark! Or, more specifically, the tension that the physical manifestation of darkness creates. I have always been interested in underground systems such as caves and mines, the Paris catacombs, the underground "streets" in Seattle, etc. I wanted to write a story that could only be done as a piece of live theatre. The excitement and discomfort of sitting in a dark space with flashlights makes the perfect atmosphere for both comedy and horror (my two favorite things!). It's also fun to tackle the challenge of placing the play in an impossible setting: an unending labyrinth.