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 "The actors crackle with un-self-conscious boldness... Its     excellence is its matter-of-fact handling of such desperate and intimate material. Even if you guess a few twists before they come, you're unlikely to predict the pace and plainness with which they're presented, and plain is rarely so magnetic."
Benno Nelson, Time Out Chicago

"It's not exploitative in any way--Colburn isn't rubbing our noses in depravity, just showing us real people in real situations. ...It's     exceptionally strong, always fascinating to watch, and getting a     first-rate production.  ...I highly recommend a trip to see it. But if   you miss it, all is not lost--the   company is doing another of Colburn's plays, Hesperia, come summer. I'll certainly be there."
Zev Valancy, On Chicago Theatre

2010 began with a bang with local playwright Randall Colburn's sexually   charged story of identity and longing. Pretty Penny explores five individuals whose lives become intertwined, and subsequently deconstructed, through Penny - a fictitious character created by 19 year-old Victoria. Penny is Victoria's alter-ego when she picks up the telephone as a phone sex operator on a no-taboo line. What begins as an intriguing job and psychological experiment for young Victoria soon turns into a journey of self-discovery - not only for Victoria, but for Crystal, whose racy photos from the past serve as the face for Penny. Through the course of the play, the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred, not only for Victoria and Crystal, but for the men in their lives as well, who are seeking a sense of emotional stability in the only ways they know how.

Pretty Penny marked the first of three   Colburn pieces that the RBP presented in 2010, all exploring   themes of identity, sexuality, and redemption.

The Right Brain Project's 2010 world premiere production of Randall Colburn's Hesperia opened at the RBP Rorschach on July 15 and ran through August 14 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Nathan Robbel

Stage Manager:  Michelle Carlene Roth

Tech Director:  Anthony Ingram

Dramaturg:  Jamie Bragg

Mime Coach:  Elizabeth Bagby

Featuring:  Katy Albert, Stephen Gawrit, Nick Mikula, Susan Myburgh, Josh Sumner, and Buck Zachary