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"As inviting yet elusive as "a slice of ghost meringue pie," the    sinister Snail's delectable finger obsesses young Birdy. So, too, Bob    Fisher's new work for the Right Brain Project haunts and compels    without any discernible substance. Birdy's straitlaced sister Turtle    struggles to save her from Snail's club-kid minions, who swirl in a    tightening orbit around the girls' fragile relationship, beckoning    Birdy with their goth-burlesque fashion sense and discerning taste in    electropop. Nathan Robbel's direction and a strong ensemble cast    embellish this mythpunk fairy tale's flat plot with a lush visual    absurdity and surreality that leave the mouth watering for just one    more taste."
Keith Griffith, The Chicago Reader

In the summer of 2009, the Right Brain Project collaborated with Bob   Fisher of the Chicago Mammals to bring his adult fairy tale to life. The   RBP's first late-night show, this production featured ten ensemble   members who vividly brought to life a world of psychedelic drugs, club   culture, and gothic punk. A tale of two sisters, one who wishes to leave the nest, and the other who plays it safe, Put My Finger in Your Mouth was work-shopped in the spring of 2009 with Bob Fisher, Nathan Robbel, Stacie Hauenstein, and Erin Elizabeth Orr. An incredibly unique animal - loud, sometimes crass and sexy, yet touching and sweet.

The Right Brain Project's 2009 world premiere production of Bob Fisher's Put My Finger in Your Mouth opened at the RBP Rorschach on July 31 and ran through August 29 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Nathan Robbel

Production Design:  Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Choreography:  Morgan Christiansen

Publicity Card Design:  Tom McGrath

Featuring:  Christian Kain Blackburn, Morgan Christiansen, Stacie Hauenstein, Emily Mark, Jesse Neal, Erin Elizabeth Orr, Catherine Price, Amy Sokol, Neal Tucker, and Conor Woods 

Publicity card photos and graphic design by Tom McGrath.