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"Oscar Wilde's awkward 1891 tragedy... (is) a bold choice for the Right Brain Project but ultimately well suited to the group's particular brand of lush, demented theater. In the title role, Shantelle Szyper anchors a strong cast for director Nathan Robbel..." —Keith Griffith, The Chicago Reader (Recommended)

"In another seldom-produced classic that the serious actor, director and theatre scholar will want to see, the Right Brain Project has again met the challenge. More grandiose productions can be imagined, but (the RBP's) epic minimalism makes Oscar Wilde’s play both accessible and intimate and smartly manages to focus all the attention on his actors." - Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review (Recommended)

"Lapine and Rabensburg have such enormous stage presence that they get away with the sometimes flippant tone, adding enough gravitas to what they say to let us know to take the play seriously. Szyper is phenomenal as the titular character... a mesmerizingly layered performance. Her dance is appropriately seductive-yet-elegant, and realized by the ensemble and production team... Ever-willing to take risks, the Right Brain Project once again hits more often than it misses in bringing a script to life. Head out to see this stylized classic unfold practically in your lap." - Keith Glab, Chicago Theater Beat

"The female prowess is in charge. Not only does Shantelle Szyper (Salome) hold court, the noteworthy Charlesanne Rabensburg (Herodias) commands respect. Salome's dance will make people lose their heads. It’s a visual stunner!" - Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh 


The Right Brain Project kicked off its ninth season with Oscar Wilde's rarely performed Biblical tragedy. Directed by Nathan Robbel, and underscored with original music by Trevor Patrick Watkin. 

Amidst a lavish party a teenage princess - defined and trapped by her exquisite beauty - encounters a striking madman who denies the body and all of its temptations. He is an outsider who decries the world she inhabits, scorns her charms, and turns the desired into the devoured. Before the night was over, omens were deciphered by inebriated men, theology was argued by faux philosophers, laughter was shared by observant soldiers, a princess discovered her power, and blood was spilled by the light of the moon...

The Right Brain Project's 2014 production of Salome opened at the RBP Rorschach on March 13, and ran through April 19 with the following creative team: 

Director:  Nathan Robbel*

Stage Manager:  Krista Reeves*

Assistant Director:  Rush Marler*

Assistant Stage Manager:  Julia Grey

Music Director/Composer:  Trevor Patrick Watkin*

Movement Director/Choreographer:  Charlesanne Rabensburg*

Set Design:  Rush Marler* and Mikah Berky

Light Design:  Ivy Reid*

Costume Design:  Megan Merrill

Publicity Card Design:  Joseph Ramski*

Featuring:  Chris Acevedo, Jonathan Beal, Dean Beever, Adam Betz*, Patrick Doolin, John Dwyer, Elizabeth Goodson*, Todd Herman, Maximillian Lapine, Charlotte Long, Charlesanne Rabensburg*, Shantelle Szyper, Sarah Thompson*, Greg Wenz, and Tiffany Williams

*Denotes RBP Company Member/Associate

Production headshots by Joseph Ramski.  

Production photography by Tom McGrath.