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 "It takes gust to back a full production of new work at any theatre. That said, in the Right Brain Project's world premiere of Stephen Gawrit's original science fiction play, The Archivist, playing through August 20th at the group's matchbox of a space, there was no other choice than to go all in. Gawrit's wholly original world, brought to life through Emma Peterson's painstaking direction and the stellar work of an excellent design team, is intricate and oftentimes confusing, perhaps a symptom of the play's broad ambitions. But there's something special going on in here if you can get past the puzzling rules and latch onto the deep themes alive in a dying world."
Michael Dice Jr., Eric and Andy's Reviews You Can Iews

"The Archivist is a sci-fi geek's dream. It's an end-of-the-world scenario where the brainiac is the superhero... For sci-fi diehards, it's The Archivist convention waiting to happen. For regular humans, it's like an intricate science project. I'm impressed."
Chicago Theater Beat

In the summer of 2011, the RBP transported its audience to a distant place in the future where the world as we know it is a devastated wasteland. Nuclear war, the fall of the human race; all was destroyed except for a scattering of humankind. Those who survived were given a choice: embrace machine transformation or perish. Civilization became a word from a dead language - its meaning a shadow of a dream. A minority of the cyborgs, called Creators, secretly pioneered the Archivist Project to chronicle and validate humanity. Should they discover a means to repopulate the planet, they would understand the mistakes of the past. Their plan failed and the Creators expired - except one. The final Archivist has been abandoned for over 2,000 years, forced to travel time and space. All it knows is that it must fulfill its directive by traveling to the present, to prevent the apocalypse...

The Archivist was the second show of the RBP's 2011 season centered around the themes of death and rebirth. 

The Right Brain Project's 2011 world premiere production of Stephen Gawrit's The Archivist opened at the RBP Rorschach on July 21 and ran through August 20 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Emma Peterson

Stage Manager:  Quincy Joyner

Set Design:  Alexis Michael

Lighting Design:  Michael C. Smith 

Sound Design:  Stephen Gawrit

Projection Design:  Samantha Tucker 

Creature Design:  Scott Schoonover

Publicity Card Design:  Samantha Tucker

Featuring:  Brian Barber, Natalie DiCristofano, Brittany Ellis, Evan Hill, Melissa Imbrogno, Charlotte Mae Jusino, David Mitchell, Meghan Phillipp, Alex Potanos, and Colby Sellers