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"In RBP’s intimate space—no bigger than the bedroom in which Fall is set—we get a visceral look at the couple’s copulation and subsequent disintegration... As a brief episode exploring lust’s pleasures and pitfalls,Fall of Man brings an elegiac tone to the plaintive “everycouple.” Mankind will continually attempt to fashion crude new Edens only to be expelled again and again. Not by an omniscient being, but by our own inability to reconcile the dream with the reality. It’s a cycle of sin we’re reluctant to leave for its comforting familiarity. And like Veronica and Peter, each of us takes a turn in many roles—at times the tempter, the tempted, the serpent and the forbidden."
Four Stars, Chicago Theatre Beat

"Adam Webster’s astute direction encourages them to internalize the text, solidifying the torrent of feeling both Milton and Holloway examine. Webster’s use of the intimate space makes the emotional pain undeniable; it’s a fall that’s anything but soft."
NewCity Stage

The Right Brain Project kicked off 2012 with British playwright Jonathan Holloway's titillating story of man's passion and inevitable fall from grace - a voyeuristic look at a steamy and illicit affair between a wealthy man and his children's Polish nanny, fused with Milton's Paradise Lost. The Fall of Man,a restless play about humanity's longing and our fall, received its U.S. premiere directed by Adam Webster. 

Per Adam Webster: "I was immediately drawn to Holloway's use of language - sparse but loaded with emotion: fear, doubt, regret, lust, hatred, hubris and remorse, all in less than an hour. Peter and Veronica attack each other with language, as well as silence, and then attack themselves with Milton's language. But they also use Milton's language to court each other, expediting their illicit affair, and then to ruminate, both individually and collectively, on the powerlessness of man to fight temptation. By juxtaposing Milton's text with these sharp shards of dialogue, Holloway immediately thrusts Paradise Lost into a contemporary, compelling, and relatable light."

The Right Brain Project's 2012 U.S. premiere production of Jonathan Holloway's The Fall of Man opened at the RBP Rorschach on July 15 and ran through August 14 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Adam Webster

Stage Manager:  Kim Caldwell

Set Design:  Noel Dominique 

Lighting Design:  Michael C. Smith 

Sound Design:  Stephen Gawrit 

Costume Design:  Carla Hamilton 

Vocal Coach:  Christopher Marino 

Publicity Card Design:  Nathan Robbel

Featuring:  Corey Noble and Anna Robinson  

The Fall of Man Trailer by Stephen Gawrit.