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"(The) RBP... confirms without a  doubt, that they’re doing some of the most exciting, most courageous,  most distinctive theater in the city.  Even greater things should be  ahead... and in cocktail and dinner parties two years hence, I’m  pretty sure the same self-styled culturatis will be talking about these  theaters, and I can enthusiastically say I knew them when."
Francis Sadac, From the Ledge  

The RBP presented their first Halloween show in October of 2009 at the  RBP Rorschach. Brad Lawrence's The Modern Prometheus was a variation on the Frankenstein tale that pitted science versus religion. Set during the Franco-Prussian war, Victor Frankenstein uses the corpses of soldiers to harness the secret of life. In this reinvention, Victor's fiance, Elizabeth, stumbles across Frankenstein's creation accidently - much to his dismay. Elizabeth, however, becomes the key to finding common ground in the battle between science and religion as she learns the creature itself is capable of creation - specifically, music. If the remnants of war can be stitched together to create something beautiful, what does that say of man's true nature? Where does blind and absolute logic fall into the equation? And what role does God play in this grand design?

The Right Brain Project's 2009 world premiere production of Brad Lawrence's The Modern Prometheus opened at the RBP Rorschach on October 16 and ran through November 21 with the following creative team:  

Director:  David Marcotte, Nathan Robbel

Stage Manager:  Michelle Carlene Roth

Set Design:  Anthony Ingram

Light Design:  Mark Hurni

Costume/Makeup Design:  Sarah Elizabeth Miller 

Music Director:  Amy Sokol 

Publicity Card Design:  Tom McGrath

Featuring:  Emily Fritz, Katie Jordan, Tom McGrath, Dennis Newport, Erin Elizabeth Orr, Ned Record, Nathan Robbel, and Colby Sellers