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"The truly distinctive feature of this production is in its willingness to push the envelope in close quarters. Seventeen actors fill the tiny space, and audience members are provided ponchos for splattering blood effects... The Right Brain Project uses the right mix of substance, style, shock, and splatter to rattle even the most stoic theater-goer. This is a great example of how well-devised theater does not need elaborate costumes, set, or props in order to succeed."
Chicago Theatre Beat

The Right Brain Project concluded 2012 with  a contemporary reimagining of Titus Andronicus with a cast of 17 actors, including many familiar RBP faces. This ensemble piece featured the text work of Christopher Marino (former Artistic Director of Baltimore Shakespeare) and original music from Jeff Award winner Trevor Watkin. RBP co-Artistic Director Emma Peterson directed the bloodbath...

"Titus Andronicus is a play that doesn't sit easy. It rattles around in your brain, stalking your thoughts. After I saw my first production of Titus in a little storefront, not much bigger than the RBP space, I walked away being more than a little disturbed at myself for thinking I had sided, identified, and rooted for a cold-blooded, revengeful closed-minded man. How had this happened when I started so clearly on the side of the wronged, enslaved, humiliated, tortured Tamora? Questions like this bring me back to a play. I couldn't answer it simply and those are the sorts of questions that make theatre potent and alive. What is right? What is wrong?

William Shakespeare has the nerve to ask this question in Titus Andronicus not once or twice, but over and over and under and around. We live in an age of pundits and propagandists who, from a distance, look as different as night and day, but up-close blur together into a mass of grey. This play forces us to look at our moral compass through a tight lens.

What side would you choose if you had nothing but honor to live for? Could you live on revenge when you could no longer eat? What would you do if your consequences were measured in blood?

My intention with this production is to take the realities of the RBP's small Rorschach space and push into Titus Andronicus's disturbing, grotesque, haunting humanness.

What side are you on?"

The Right Brain Project's 2012 production of William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus opened at the RBP Rorschach on October 11 and ran through November 10 with the following creative team:  

Director:  Emma Peterson

Stage Manager:  Shauna Waren

Music Director/Sound Design:  Trevor Watkin

Text Coach:  Christopher Marino

Fight Director:  Orion Couling

Costume Design:  David Mitchell 

Props Design:  Jessica Heffernan

Publicity Card Design:  Nathan Robbel

Featuring:  Adam Betz, Simina Contras, Brittany Ellis, Nick Freed, Stephen Gawrit, Dylan Marks, Zack Meyer, David Mitchell, Danny Mulae, Susan Myburgh, Dennis Newport, Danny Pancratz, Alex Potanos, Joseph Ramski, Nathan Robbel, Sarah Thompson, Richard Traub, and Dominique Worsley 

Cast & Crew Publicity Photos. Photography by Tom McGrath.  

Production photography by Tom McGrath.  

Titus Andronicus Trailer. Video by Stephen Gawrit.