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The Right Brain Project announces auditions for Odessa - written by Michaela Heidemann & directed by Colin David

Odessa Poster paint.jpg

Set in the catacombs beneath Odessa, Ukraine. A seemingly endless network of underground tunnels, it’s the largest catacomb system in the world. The story centers around Andrew, an American journalist, and Dariya, a Ukrainian criminal/scammer. Andrew has been drugged and left for dead in the catacombs by Dariya and her cohorts, but Dariya returns for him. As they make their way out, they lose their way... as the catacombs appear to have a mind of their own.

Audition Date & Location

Auditions are on July 9th, 10th, and 11th from 7pm-10pm at the Performing Arts Studio, Lincoln Park (630 W Webster, Chicago, IL 60614). 

If you are interested in a slot, please email with your preferred time 7-10 pm on either July 9th(mon), 10th (tues), or 11th (wed), along with a headshot and resume. We will confirm your time.

Time Commitment

The show will take place, rehearsal to closing, from late-August to Mid-October. Precise dates will be given at callbacks.


Stipend: Yes

Equity/Non-Equity: Non-Equity

Material to Prepare

Auditions will be 5 minute time slots. Please bring headshot and resume.

Please prepare 2 pieces. Please keep each to about 1 minute a piece.

For the first piece please prepare a monologue that you think may be well suited to the character description below.

For the second piece please perform something that represents you. This does not have to be a monologue. It can be or it could be a poem, song, dance, something you wrote, something that utilizes a special skill (for example standing on your head and reciting the preamble to the constitution), or anything else that represents you. We want to see your creativity and what you connect with.

Available Roles

Dariya: Ukrainian woman 25-30 yrs old, Looks like she crawled out of warehouse rave at 5 am, Mostly funny but also a little scary. She is the product of bad circumstances and a life of little sympathy. She likes the Who and she loves her cat. She is an savvy criminal who routinely robs, scams, charms, and fights her way through life. Wants to better her situation. Tough cookie!

Andrew: American man 25-35 years old. Ivy League-educated journalist- writes for a publication like Vice or Gizmodo (formerly Gawker). Snarky, skeptical, funny: has a vast lexicon of pop culture knowledge and has strong opinions about all of it. Has an impressive twitter presence. Like a grumpy, elderly dog in a young man’s body. Of course, underneath all of this is a big, squishy heart and a person fearful of vulnerability.