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Show Dates

May 22 - June 21
Fridays at 8:00pm
Saturdays at 10:00pm
Sundays at 2:00pm

Suggested Donation $20 for adults, $15 for students and industry professionals (with headshot/resume/business card), and $10 for children under $13.


Who Too will be presented at the Right Brain Project, located at 4001 N. Ravenswood, at the intersection of Irving Park and Ravenswood, on the northeast side of the Metra tracks. There is usually lot parking available for no charge.

Two years ago, the Right Brain Project celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the BBC's beloved Doctor Who with the late-night tribute show The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!), written by Justin Gerber and McKenzie Gerber. But Clint Worthington seems to remember that production differently than the rest of the cast... He believes that rag-tag show was interrupted by the Time Lord himself. The rest of the cast neither confirms nor denies these claims, but none seem to want to talk about it.
This summer, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the BBC's current incarnation of the show, we're allowing Clint to go back to the world of tribute shows as a form of therapy - this time, all will go well as we celebrate all things Doctor Who (or so we hope...)! Written once again by playwrights (and brothers!) Justin and McKenzie Gerber, the RBP will revisit one of their most beloved productions with a sequel of galactic proportions!                

Why a sequel? Why now?
Joseph Ramski (Director):
Spoilers! In celebrating the RBP's tenth season, we considered remounting a show or doing something that harkened back to the theatre's past, and few shows matched the general level of excitement, passion, and silliness of Timey-Wimey... Without giving too much away, when Justin and McKenzie presented us with a pitch for a sequel - risky groundwork for a play and the theatre company producing it - we knew we wanted to take the chance and birth a story no corner of the Whovian universe had seen before, and do something that few theatres attempt. Timey-Wimey was wonderful in that it brought a lot of different communities together under one roof to celebrate a mythology they all shared intense love for; Who Too will do the same, but crank the dials up several notches and throw a slew of glorious curveballs at fans and non-fans alike. You could say the sequel is, in every way, "bigger on the inside."   

Why is this a fit for the RBP, and what unique things can we expect?
One of my favorite aspects of Doctor Who (both the character and the television show) is the mythology's best stories involve normal, "unimportant" people rising to the grand circumstances facing them and making big differences. This all happens against a backdrop that is equal parts history lesson, blockbuster adventure, and morality tale, and I think all of the best RBP shows strive to be bits of those things as well. Like the Doctor himself, the RBP loves to transport audiences to new worlds and show them undiscovered beauties and wonders, sometimes with something as simple as a crack in a wall. Given all of that, plenty of surprises and amazements await behind the curtains for Who Too, and viewers of all levels of Who fandom will be wide-eyed with glee and laughter when they see what we're up to. 

What else? 
JR: I can promise there will be time travel, the faithful old blue police box, and aliens. And robots. Robot aliens may be for the next show...


Lauren Baker, Tom McGrath*, Charlesanne Rabensburg*, and Clint Worthington, with additional voices by JB Anderton and Jennifer Roehm

Production Team: 

The Right Brain Project is proud to promote Geek Bar Beta! Click the icon above for more information. 

The Right Brain Project is proud to promote Geek Bar Beta! Click the icon above for more information. 

Playwrights: Justin Gerber & McKenzie Gerber*
Director:  Joseph Ramski*
Stage Manager:  Krista Reeves*
Set Design:  Rush Marler* and Noel Spence
Sound Design/Composition:  Maxwell Shults
Costume Design:  Rachel Boylan

*Denotes RBP Company Member/Associate

JB Anderton is thrilled to be working with the RBP once again. A Doctor Who fan since the 1980s, he was delighted to provide sound effects and voice-overs as well as appear on stage as a Cyberman in The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!) in 2013. He is the host of WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast (, where he is "often critical, but always reverent" when discussing his passion for the program. Before moving to Chicago in 2005, JB appeared on stage with the Limelight Players, the Downtown Players, and the Broadway Center of Arts (all in Belleville, IL) and had also worked with children's playwright Jack Stokes in Wiley and the Hairy Man, Poison Damsel, and The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria.

Lauren Baker (bio is forthcoming)

Tom McGrath is a Chicago native and a graduate of Northwestern University. He has performed with the Right Brain Project in Franz Kafka's The Castle, The Modern Prometheus, The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!), and Who Too, as well as providing production and promotional photography since And They Put Handcuffs on the Flowers in 2009. He has also performed with Steppenwolf, Promethean Theatre Ensemble, Signal Ensemble Theatre, Akvavit Theatre, Raven Theatre, LiveWire Chicago, and a bunch of other places that are probably defunct. His photographic work can be seen at

Charlesanne Rabensburg (bio is forthcoming)

Jennifer Roehm hails from the small town of Clinton, Indiana. She appeared in the Right Brain Project production of The Bacchae Revisited as well as the first Who iteration, The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!). Jen has also worked with Jackalope Theatre Company, Curious Theatre Branch, and is a proud company member of The Ruckus. Regional credits include Band Geeks! The Musical with The Human Race Theatre Company and Melancholy Play with Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati. She is also a proud alumni of the Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati Acting Internship program. Allons-y!  

Clint Worthington (bio is forthcoming)

Justin Gerber & McKenzie Gerber (Playwrights) are excited to be involved in the Right Brain Project’s tenth anniversary season.  This marks their second Doctor Who collaboration with the company, the first being, 2013’s production of The Timey-Wimey Fantastic Brilliant Extravaganza (Geronimo!).  Justin Gerber is a Film Editor at Consequence of Sound, and has enjoyed working with The RBP for a second time. He’s also contributed short plays to two Tympanic Theatre Company productions (Deliver Us From Nowhere, Today We Escape). McKenzie Gerber recently became an artistic associate with Right Brain, and this will mark his third endeavor with the company. His work as a writer has been seen with Tympanic Theatre Company, The Genesis Ensemble, & Hobo Junction Productions. Justin’s Favorite is the 2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton while McKenzie’s is the 8th Doctor: Paul McGann!

Joseph Ramski (Director) is the Managing Director of the Right Brain Project and a big ole' nerd who loves stories about gods, heroes, weird science fiction, and time-traveling aliens. You may have seen him most recently in the RBP's The Illusion (Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes), and can next see him there for this fall's Autumnopolis. He will also be appearing in Y Portraits with MOZAWA this June. Joe would like to thank the Gerbers for their words, the cast for their work, and the BBC. This one is for the nerds.

Krista Reeves (Stage Manager) is the RBP's "space sheriff" and resident stage manager. She was welcomed into the RBP in 2013 as stage manager and costume designer for The Bacchae Revisited and has stuck with them since. Her work outside of the RBP has included Roundhouse Production's Predator: The Musical, 6 in 60: Your VHS Collection, and Reservoir Dogs as well as The Young Actor's Ensemble's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlotte's Web, Beauty and the Beast, and David and Lisa. When the spirit moves her, she also dabbles in costume design and her work was seen in Beauty and the Beast (Thompson Valley High School), and Eastern Standard at Knox College, where she graduated with a degree in Theatre.

Rush Marler (Scenic Design) (bio is forthcoming)

Noel Spence (Scenic Design) (bio is forthcoming)

Maxwell Shults (Original Music/Sound Design) is a composer and sound designer from Chicago. Beginning with a strong background in audio, Maxwell studied Sound Design for games a Tribeca Flashpoint Academy from 2009 - 2010. He creates music under the name Everson Poe, and has amassed a vast library of finished songs, including soundtracks for several Tympanic shows. Much of that music can be downloaded for free at Maxwell can also be seen playing live music in The Elizabeth Dane and Ganser as a drummer and/or guitar player. He has been working with Tympanic Theatre Company since 2012 and has been a company member since 2013. This is his first show with the RBP and, as a giant Doctor Who nerd, is very excited about it. 

Rachel Boylan  (Costume Design) is excited to be working with the Right Brain Project for the first time on Who Too! She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, and Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Some of her previous Chicago credits include Avenue Q (The Mercury Theater), Der Kaiser Von Atlantis (New Millennium Orchestra), Henry Moore is Melting, Antigone (Cold Basement Dramatics), The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Much Ado About Nothing (Fury Theater). When not designing costumes, you can find Rachel at the Mercury Theater Chicago where she is wardrobe supervisor. You can check out her work at